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  • HILL maintains a SAFETY FIRST culture. The safety of our employees, clients and surrounding public are critical and comes above everything else that we do
  • HILL has adopted a behavior-based safety program centered on the question: “What Could Go Wrong?”
  • Employees are reminded and encouraged to slow down, take a deep breath and ask, “what could go wrong?” before beginning a task; when conditions change; and/or when an unexpected issue or problem comes up (even if apparently trivial). In our experience, taking the time to ask the question ensures that employees will take the steps necessary to make sure that, in fact, nothing does go wrong.
  • A key element of our approach is reflected in the following policy statement:
  • “Production, profit, and/or schedule will never override HILL’s commitment to a safe, incident-free work environment.”
  • HILL employees are always empowered to ensure that their safety comes first; that rushing, and short-cuts are not only discouraged, but are not tolerated.
  • Many remediation firms have a “stop work authority” policy. At HILL, we have developed and implemented a “stop work OBLIGATION” policy:
  • All employees are empowered, responsible, authorized and obligated to stop work at any time if they feel their safety or the safety of others is or could be compromised.
  • HILL’s EMR and our OSHA 300 TRIR demonstrate the focus that HILL places on safety:


2017 2018 2019 2020
EMR 0.820 0.816  0.801 0.804
TRIR 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0


  • We develop a Health and Safety Plan (HASP) for every project that we do. Our Health and Safety Director has over 30 years of experience and ensures that our behavioral based safety culture is accepted by every employee.  This is a condition of employment with HILL.
  • HILL is approved by many of our clients through Avetta and ISNETWORLD. These are two of the common systems that companies utilize to validate the safety metrics and history of HILL as their environmental contractor.



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